Better BibTex "disable"

Hello, I recently changed my computer. I reinstalled my Zotero (version 6.0.30) and since then my Better BibTex (last version available to my knowledge 6.7.159) no longer works (impossible to download the extension on my Zotero). Indeed, I'm stuck on: "Better BibTex for Zotero will be installed after you restart Zotero". With no change on restart and no reaction when I click "Undo". Can you help me ? My goal is to be able to install BibTex again because I use it daily and have been for many years now and this problem is holding me back in my research. Thank you so much for your help and for your contribution to the community !

(Not having BibTex so I am not able to provide you with a debug log ID, so do not take into account the one provided which is invented in order to be able to submit my request)

Here's a picture of what I've been stuck on for a week now :
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