Zotero 7 Beta Link in Annotation Garbles Text

In a PDF annotation, when I try to enter a link, the text gets garbled, as if the portion of the note that continues after the link is getting displayed on top of previous text. This happens whether I enter the link by itself or attempt to do so as a markdown link. But when I select the note, it unfolds to show the text in proper sequence. For example,

This is in Zotero 7.0.0-beta.57+3acef799f on Windows 10.

  • This is a Firefox bug (Zotero is based on it). We hope this gets fixed in future Zotero versions.
  • Ah, got it, thanks, @martynas_b. For the present, is there a way to add the link (e.g., within certain markup or markdown conventions) so that it doesn't garble the text? Or is this just something that needs to be borne with until the pertinent Firefox update comes through?
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