Need updated APSA style please

It appears to me that the APSA style hasn't been updated since 2015. According to the Style Manual for Political Science, it had a major overhaul in 2018 and has had minor updates since then. I'm not a political scientist but I'm a librarian who works with our political science department and so I'd appreciate it if the style could be updated.

The lack of inclusion of the DOI when available is what prompted my post. I don't remember whether DOIs were a thing in 2015 but they are definitely a thing now and so it would be so helpful if the style were updated to include this. I opened the style manager in Zotero but I believe this is beyond my technical skills to implement.

The full APSA guide is available here:

The reference to including the DOI is on page 44.

No other errors jumped out at me when I made a few test references.

I'm not including the two sample references that were requested in this post since it's just the addition of the DOI (and URL, if available but the DOI is not). I can certainly add these same citations if that would make it easier for the volunteer editors.

Thank you for your help!
  • FWIW, people can just use Chicago (author-date) on which the style is based (very explicitly -- most rules are given with specific reference to the relevant section in CMoS) and will mostly be fine, but I can take a look.
  • Thank you for this @adamsmith! I knew ASPA was based on Chicago style but didn't realize that it was so close that Chicago would work in most cases. It seems like maybe it's just public documents that would need to follow the APSA format and that all other reference types will be fine with Chicago. Thanks again!
  • @bethdlindsay there's another problem with the current APSA style, it uses "et al." in the Bibliography / References section when there are more than 3 authors, and the APSA guidelines say you don't use "et al." in the bibliography unless than are > 10 authors.

    I've swapped back to Chicago style.

    My style guide says it was updated on 2/11/2024, btw, not sure if that's right or not but it's definitely using et al. incorrectly.
  • In text:
    When four or more authors are cited, et al. (in roman type) should follow the first author’s name, even in the first reference,...
    see p. 38.
    That is already correct in the style.

    Bib needs 10/7 et al. rules and I have changed that.

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