how to edit creator list in zotero video recording

Virtually adding a Youtube video to Zotero works great, and all the "Info" is automatically added, but the creator list drop down menu (on a desktop app on a Mac Studio) only shows director, cast member, contributor, producer, scriptwriter for the "Video Recording" type. When I have a doctor who is being interviewed and is the speaker and expert doing 99% of the talking on a video, none of those creator types is suitable. Author would be better or speaker or guest would be far more appropriate. There's obviously no way to edit this on my end. The doctors being interviewed in the videos are not directors or producers or scriptwriters, and while they are contributors, that's not what we in the world of video production call them, nor is it what Youtube recognizes. How can I get other options in that drop down creator menu in "Video Recording"? I understand there are citation styles that require certain fields, but I'm not interesting in having inaccurate information about who is the expert speaking on a video because of a "Chicago" style standard. I'm interested in accurately displaying the speaker in my bibliography that I publish in my articles and on the web. Someone please tell me there's a solution to this problem that thousands of us have been obviously having for years. Thanks in advance for any help solving this major headache.
  • I'm using Beta 7 and love it, but it still does not show the real speaker or interviewee of a video. Shows "Director," which is often blank and which is irrelevant. We want the speaker who is often the person who recorded and published the video. Director is wrong for videos. Period.
  • You can enter a creator/author in Extra like this:
    Author: Last || First

    (Use that for interviewees as well)

    You can enter an interviewer like this:
    Interviewer: Last || First
  • Thanks but I don't get it. I mean, I see where I can add Extra as a field, but it shows up way down low, and in the bibliography it doesn't show up at all. Hmm. I don't know.
  • If I understand what @bwiernik is suggesting correctly, to produce the citation you're looking for, paste the following into the Extra field:

    Author: [Interviewee Last Name] || [Interviewee First Name]
    Interviewer: [Interviewer Last Name] || [Interviewer First Name]

    And replace the parts in brackets appropriately.
  • Excellent Abe. Thank you very much! I appreciate your help on this. Have a great day my friend!
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    It would be great to have “author” also for video recording, otherwise adding names manually can lead to errors. Also, author names are not visible in the tabular layout.
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