[Android] View Debug causes app to crash

I have been trying the view the debug log, to try tho guess the items causing a sync issue ("Some data in My Library could not be downloaded. It may have been saved with a newer version of Zotero.") However, when I go to Settings - Debug Output Logging -> View Output, the app suddenly disappears, and restarting the app shows a Crash Log Sent window (for one such event, Crash Log Sent: 2104033793).

Once every three of four times, instead of a crash, I get a freeze of the app (not the phone). I don't get a Crash Log window. Interestingly, when I restart the app, the debug logging appears to be still on.

Empty logs do not cause a crash.

No crash or freeze with the same library on the iOS app.

Android Version: 12 (with Samsung One UI version 4.1, kernel 4.14.190)
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