full journal issue

sometimes, now, journals allow to download whole issues and no more single articles.

how should/could one manage this type of object? because what one gets is a multi-author object, while the convention for the citation is the single article.
so one should dismember a journal issue into 1 file per article, and then add the single articles to zotero. not so easy.

any idea for managing this type of publication?
  • Can you give an example URL, explaining on that example what result you would expect compared to what is happening?
  • ok, let's go to https://laricerca.loescher.it/la-ricerca-25/
    there you can download the PDF of the full issue of the journal.

    in order to correctly cite -say- the article "Buzzati e l’intelligenza artificiale" i should open the file in a PDF app, select and extract the pages 31-34, save them as a new file, import them into zotero as a single article from the above journal.

  • citing and dowloading are two separate issues.
    As for citing, it depends on whether you need to cite the whole issue or an article. If you want to cite the article, you need to create a separate item for the article.
    But you do not need to split the file into articles to cite the articles. You could for example attach the whole file to the citation for the whole issue, or the introduction. But then obviously, if you annotate the file, and want to extract annotations, these will be extracted into the item to which the file is attached.
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    I use the book item type for the whole journal. If I want to cite an article, it becomes a separate item with the journal article item type. I relate it to the whole journal, rather than duplicating the attached material.
  • (CSL has a 'periodical' item type that could mark whole journal issues and allow citing them: enter as type: Periodical in Extra)
  • @adamsmith, what actual Item Type should be used to populate the fields, if using the Periodical option in Extra?
  • doesn't matter, whatever works for you. The Extra field overrides the item type under the hood.
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    To add some information, which is hopefully correct:

    The special issue can be entered as a "book". And the extra field should contain:
    type: periodical
    container-title: JOURNAL_TITLE

    The article inside the special issue should contain
    volume-title: TITLE_OF_SPECIAL_ISSUE
    in the extra field.
    (Some citation styles might – correctly – not include the title of the special issue in the references and only the title of the journal)
  • Yup, that's all correct. Note that very few (if any) citation styles currently have explicit support for the periodical item type.
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