(Zotero 7-55, 56): A possible bug and a suggestion

Thank you so much for this big redesign of the UI!!!

Bug(?): The "Notes" tab sometimes displays the full note (readable), but in other cases it only displays the note title. Is this a bug or a configuration problem of mine?

Suggestion: I feel it is very convenient to have the option to select Comfortable or Compact mode. I have a very large DB and prefer the latter. Thanks! However, in certain context menus ("Add to Collection", for example), the options appear very far apart (in fact, it is something that already appeared in previous 7-betas). Maybe for someone who has few Collections this is not a problem, but if you have a lot of them it is a bit uncomfortable to have to scroll down to see the rest. Will it be possible to apply the Compact mode to these menus as well?
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