"Allow this site to open the obsidian link with Obsidian?"

On Zotero 7.0.0-beta.47+f012a348a running Zotlit and BetterBibtex (latest updates of both), all is working fine except that every time Zotlit calls Obsidian from Zotero (open/update/create literature note) I get a permissions dialog box about allowing 'this site' (Zotero??) to open the link in Obsidian. There's a brief delay before the 'open' button becomes active, and then it works fine.

The obsidian:// url protocol works fine in browsers/elsewhere on my mac - it's only Zotero that is presenting the dialog box.

I'd just like to make it the default behaviour so I don't have to click the permission button everytime. Any advice?
  • I had the same problem. If short, you could set "security.external_protocol_requires_permission" to false.

    1) Open the zotero settings
    2) Open the advanced tab
    3) Click "config editor" button at the bottom
    4) Click "Accept Risk and Continue" at a popup window
    5) Enter "security.external_protocol_requires_permission" as search input
    6) Double click on the string to change value to false

  • Thank you so much! Worked perfectly :-)
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