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Hi everyone,
First of all, thanks a lot to all developers and users for such a great piece of software.

I would like suggest an additional feature which would definitely make my life easier and probably those of many others: copy and paste collections.

I am a lecturer and I modify the bibliography for each course each year. Currently, I have to manually recreate the whole course bibliographic structure and manually add the references in each subcollection (for each lecture). Thus, copying and pasting a set of collections, a whole course in this case (which includes several subcollections) would save me a great amount of time.

Something similar was already suggested in although it was diluted in the many suggestions made in that post.

Thank you very much,
Best regards,
  • Collection duplication is planned.
  • Hi Dan,
    Thanks. Do you know more or less in which version it will be implemented?
    I would be great to have that option... specially for teacher who need to duplicate the structure of previous lectures' courses each semestre / year :-)
  • A workaround is to:
    1)export in Zotero RDF (don't forget to include attachments, notes, and annotations!)
    2)import again
    3)use the Duplicate Items to re-merge the entries. I use to help with this process, although it gets stuck sometimes and needs to have the top entry merged manually.

    Still may be faster than recreating all of the collections.

    In the meantime, any timeline for this feature?
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