[Android] Sync issues

I obtain 136 Sync issues: it says "Some data in My Library could not be downloaded. It may have been saved with a newer version of Zotero". Debug ID is D739677351. Upon trying to sync again it also crashed and created Crash Log 1793387537.
  • The Android app will currently show that if you used the new annotation types in the Zotero 7 beta, including EPUB or snapshot annotations.
  • Good point. But even the remaining items do not quite seem to sync reliably. On one of my android devices, I managed to sync all 14,856 items, but on another only 13,121 items (an improvement over 6,234 yesterday!). When I try to re-sync, it goes through without errors but also without adding the missing pieces. It goes through in a strange way: counting to about 40k for the main library, and then counting again to about 40k for the shared library, which only has two items.
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