[Android] Zotero on Boox E-Ink Devices

Since many here are using Boox devices, I thought it might be useful to start a separate thread on specific issues relating to the e-ink display and stylus. I would fully understand if the Zotero team would not have the resources to care about such hardware specific things- opposed to the iOS version, where there is essentially just one type of hardware to consider, Android is a mess. On the other hand, Onxy Boox is a popular device for people who are passionate about reading, and hence who use Zotero.
  • To start off, it would be nice if the inking were to support the special refresh modes of Onyx e-ink displays. Currently, I am experiencing a big lag with the stylus when writing, so inking is almost unusable. Onyx provides some specific libraries which when included can improve the inking substantially- see https://github.com/onyx-intl/OnyxAndroidDemo/blob/master/doc/Onyx-Pen-SDK.md

    Compared to iOS, the precision of the ink could also be improved. Actually it is not the input precision which is the bottleneck, but the algorithm which then simplifies the strokes (to make them look smoother). This algorithm seems to be on the strong side and over-simplifies the strokes, to they become imprecise. I noticed something similar on the Windows app by the way, but not on iOS, which is wonderfully precise.

  • @burgarthd
    Does the ios version allow you to open pdfs in an external application?
  • Yes, via the usual share menu. But I suppose you're looking for another option- open the file in another app, annotate their, and bring back? That workflow would not be straightforward. I'd recommend using the built-in reader for annotations.
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