Can notes time can be created as a sorted column?

Dear developer, I eager for a zotero sorted fuction created in notes column. Because when I just read and made notes for my specific paper, I then closed zotero and open it twice later, it couldn't be found as quickly as I want.
  • @fish1, I'm not sure I totally understand what you are requesting, but it sounds like you are trying to find notes that you have made recently. You might try an Advanced Search . Instead of "Title" select "Date Added" then select something like "is" and put "today," or "is in the last" so many days. That should bring up your most recent notes.

    Does that give you what you want?
  • edited January 4, 2024
    my request is aim to find out the paper I read carefully two hours ago, however, Zoteto's sorted column didn't provide this time order
  • There'll be a Recently Read collection in an upcoming version.
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