Adding an item for a card file to Zotero

What's the best type of Zotero item to use for an old-fashioned card file index maintained by a library? Book?
  • I think? What exactly are you citing, the entire index? How would you think of a citation to this looking?
  • Yes, the entire index as a source for a bibliography. A specific card as an entry (similar to a page in a book). Here's an example as a bibliographic entry, CMOS format.

    Indiana State Library. "Indiana Bible Records Index." Card file. No date, last updated in 1970s. Indiana State Library Genealogy Division, Indianapolis.

    The card file is not published, so the title is in quotes rather than italicized. If I do it as a book, then it will be italicized by Zotero.
  • Dataset might actually work reasonably well and conceptually I think that's right. The "No date last updated" part is not something Zotero can handle
  • The sequence of the place, repository, and date aren't the same as for a publication, either, but I'm not sure there's a better way.
  • Books have publishers while unpublished works are in repositories.
  • did you see my note re: dataset above?
  • Thanks, Adam. Dataset comes close, but I'm not getting Repository and Repository location in the bibliography entry.
  • I can enter Repository and Repository Location, but they don't appear in the bibliography entry. I am using an iPad right now. Not sure it would work better with a PC or Mac.
  • no, platform doesn't matter. We can look at that.
  • Manuscript would include Repository and Repository Location
  • yeah, good call; less good of a fit conceptually, but should work nicely for the citation
  • Manuscript works well as long as I put the repository in the Archive field along with the location of the library, e.g. Indiana State Library, Indianapolis. If I put Indianapolis in the Place field, the place gets inserted before the date. Manuscript is acceptable, though. I realize that Zotero cannot create an item type for every possible item and every possible citation style.
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