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Hi all,

Is there a way to export the information in the Related tab? I am interested in doing network analysis of a genetic bibliography. There are many editions and manuscripts of texts in a collection, spanning a writer's career. The works are related to each other, and I capture that information in the related tab. It would be sad to have to re-enter that information for hundreds of items if it's already in my Zotero collection. Could not find a related issue in the forum. Surprised no one has ever asked for this. Surely, I'm wrong.
  • It's exported as dc:relation in Zotero RDF or you could just query the sqlite directly for the analysis
  • @adamsmith Do you have to do something special to get that exported?

    Related items don't (no longer?) seem to be exported by default (and indeed annotations seem to exported by default, in contradiction to the tick box on the translator options, which admittedly seems to expect annotations to be something that are file related).
  • This has been broken for quite some time, I thought it worked two years back, but this issue suggest it's been broken for much longer.
  • Ah, ok, yes :-(. Thanks, at least it's not me :-).

    If related is ever going to get some love, it'd be really good to find a way to export the related list via other routes as well (e.g. copy to clip-board as a bibliography, or export as a bibliography). If it's worth doing so, I'd be happy to spell a bit of why and what in another issue ...
  • I don't know the core teams thinking on related, but FWIW, there's a flurry of recent tickets related (ha!) to it, so I do think they still like the functionality and don't have any intention to abandon it.
  • Any updates on this? Would be very nice to have this asap!
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    Also just decided to look for this as an option for a project . . . defining connected orgs by Related web site entries in Zotero.

    I'll try some Exports for myself, but definitely want to bump this . . .
    any news on exporting the Related data , in any way ?

    That is, even if it was just it's own thing and not integrated into another format, that would be extremely useful, because it is already very easy to create Related with zutilo - we just need to get it out.
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    >>> ok , here is at least one answer today ---


    This tool appears to work, at least with their example :)

    It exactly creates a flat file with typical social network information which includes the relationships, using the zotero item id's.
    It creates two entries for each relationship, one with one item first and one with the other, as for 2 one-way relationships.

    In any case, the data is then available
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