Zotero 7: Duplication of right side pane after fast switching between tabs

edited August 16, 2023
If I switch quickly between tabs, when I go back to the main library, I get a double right side pane. It seems to be happening when I try to load a large EPUB tab, but I did not make sufficient testing to verify this conclusively.
Screen recording
Debug ID: D1324594634
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    This is still happening in Zotero 7.0.0-beta.51+7c5600913 (64-bit).
    Here is an easy way to reproduce:
    1) Open a PDF file in the Zotero PDF Viewer
    2) Go to the "My Library" tab
    3) Quickly press Ctrl+Page Down - Ctrl+Page Up
    --> When I get back to "My Library", the right-hand side pane is duplicated.

    The Debug ID is D13685909.
  • @mjthoraval Can you reproduce that on other operating systems like Linux or macOS?
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    I reproduced, and without using the quick press on keys, but by navigating several times with the mouse between "My Library" and tabs. It was enough to duplicate the right panel. But it takes several tries.
    Edit: only PDFs
    Ubuntu 22.04.3
    Zotero 7 beta 51

    Debug ID is D655814467
  • I can reproduce on Ubuntu 23.10.
    I don't have a mac to test.

    Actually, I have tested also on Windows 11 with a test account.
    It seems that there is another component needed, probably related to memory being loaded or discarded. I had to open multiple PDF tabs, navigate between tabs, to finally trigger the problem.
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