Jumping to the specified page in the notes is invalid.

First, create a new note under the reference, then select a paragraph in the document, and select "Add Note" in the pop-up window to add the content to the newly created note. At this time, select the added note, select "Disconnect", and then click the content in the brackets behind the note, and there will be "Go to the specified page". Clicking "Go to the specified page" will not jump to the correct position, but will still be the position you read last time.
  • 1) Which Zotero version is that?
    2) What is "Disconnect"?
    3) Does it happen with all PDF files?
  • 1)7.0.0-beta.51+7c5600913 (64-bit)
    2)That is "Unlink"
    3)It will happen in all the notes made for PDF, I'm not sure if it's a bug,
  • I can reproduce also on Zotero 7.0.0-beta.52+2f8e536f2 (64-bit), Windows 10.

    1) Highlight some text in the PDF viewer on the last page of a PDF file with several pages.

    2) Drag and drop the hightlight to a Zotero note
    --> That creates a citation in the note with two parts: [highlighted text] [short citation]. The [short citation] includes the page where the annotation is located: "p. 14". The following links are available from a click on the two parts:
    - [highlighted text]: Show on Page, Unlink
    - [short citation]: Show Item, Edit Citation, Hide Citation

    At this stage, a click on Show on Page opens the PDF file in the Zotero PDF Viewer at the correct location. You can check this by first moving the position of the PDF Viewer to the first page before clicking.

    3) Click on Unlink on the first part of the citation in the note.
    --> At this stage, the link on the [highlighted text] is removed. And the links on the second part are modified to:
    - [short citation]: Go to Page, Show Item, Edit Citation

    4) Click on Go to Page.
    --> It does open the PDF file in the viewer, but simply stays on the position where it was before. It does not move to the correct page as I would expect from the name of the link (Go to Page) and the page number indicated in the citation ("p. 14").
  • Thanks @mjthoraval for detailed steps to reproduce it. We'll fix it.
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