can new-generate-note be moved across pdf different pages?

As we often encountered, notes generated in thes pecific one page PDF, however,we need it walked across the difeerent pages into the PDF to make a outline. So I didn't know if developer would consider this new apple from user?? Thanks a lot for your effort!
  • Could you explain once again in more detail what exactly you need and why?
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    yes. I want a note can be moved to another page to edited in the same PDF. However, this function couldn't be realized in the moment.
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    @fish1 One solution is to use the note on the right side pane in Zotero pdf viewer for these purposes of outlining and inserting annotations or comments and ideas from multiple pages or even multiple sources.

    You can also use specific color (red for instance) for highlighting the titles or subtitles or add specific tag to create an outline or set of bookmarks within the pdf. Again, you can combine these annotations by filtering them out and dragging them from the left pane to the note on the right pane.

    This feature (being able to add notes while reading citing different pages, sources..etc) is actually a great bonus in Zotero and it was asked frequently in Citavi but could not be implemented there. Citavi was great in having the ability to insert different types of annotations with different colors(Quote, Comment, Summary,..etc) but there was no equivalent of the right pane notes in Zotero where user can actually write long notes within the application using different sources while flexibly moving among different items.

    Hope this helps and sorry if I misunderstood your request
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