can tags automatically separated in zotero 7 in one cell?

Hi, dstillman. I just want to explore an efficient way to make tags, could you please tell me the way work?

1、With some symbolic forms it tags maked in one cell can be automatically detected into different cells via by such as semicolon. Could you please tell me which format can realize this function? For example, if I tag A;B;C in one tag cell, when I press Enter button, zotero make it seperate as three separate tags into different cells.

2、Nested tags. For example, when I make one tag A/A1/A11 in zotero, I could easily search A or A1 or A11 separately or the all. When I search forA ,it listed in A /A1/A11, A /A1/A99, A /A1/A38, A/B1, A/C2B etc., from such nested tags present, I could easily find the logic relationship between notes.
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