Zotero PDF Rename failed in "surface"

I just didn't know why in Zotero 7, rename PDF just can manifested in the file location file instead of the zotero literature cocument library we can see in the zotero interface, joking me??
  • edited November 21, 2023
    The filename is different from the attachment title shown in the items list. Rename File from Parent Metadata does just that — it renames the file.

    In a future version, it will be possible to set it to show the filename in the items list instead, but the filename is just made up of the same metadata that's already showing in the parent row.

    Explained at length in this thread: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/439553/#Comment_439553
  • Dear dstillman,I fully appreciate your design rule about the attachment renamed. And at the same time I just sincerely expect a more freely rename designed: that is - my PDF download from the google scholar dragged into zotero could be renamed as the metadata title, it 's of much importance of aesthetics appeal for me. Thanks for your hard work. We are your loyal fans.
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