ChatGPT QA plugin for Zotero

Hello Zotero community,

I recently came across an intriguing GPT project called paper-QA ( This project enables users to ask questions and receive accurate answers on PDFs and text files using OpenAI APIs.

Although paper-QA requires an OpenAI API key, the results are impressive. I believe the following features could be beneficial:

1. Indexing a specific book or paper directly within Zotero and allowing users to ask questions about the material.
2. Indexing a collection of books or papers and initiating a chat about them using GPT.

Would anyone be interested in creating a ChatGPT plugin for Zotero? Does anything similar already exist? Do you have any other suggestions or directions related to this?

Additionally, I have some technical skills and am willing to collaborate with others to achieve this goal.

Thank you.
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