PDF reader glitch in iOS / iPadOS

edited November 19, 2023
When I open a PDF in Zotero, I can tap the screen to make it full screen (hiding the toolbars). However when I do this the page position change slightly.

And when I tap the screen again to show the toolbars again, the page position changes a bit again, as if to make space for the toolbar.

I don't like this behavior, because it confuses me and makes me lose track of the current line I was reading.

I'd prefer the "physical" position of the page to not change, and when I tap and the toolbar hides/shows, it should just cover the top margin of the page which stays at the same position.

I hope what I'm suggesting here is clear (is difficult to describe without a picture).

I am on the latest stable version of Zotero (not on the betas). Thanks!
  • I agree. I recall reading another post about this, but I cannot find it at the moment.
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    A related issue occurs when I rotate the phone screen (vertical to horizontal) and back (horizontal to vertical). Then I find that the screen does not return to the exact original position and zoom . This again is confusing and makes me lose track of where I was reading.

    I would suggest that the “physical” position and zoom of the page to be invariant unless I explicitly change it.

    For instance, there could be a point (say the center pixel in view?) that remains invariant when the device orientation changes, and/or when I tap the screen to show or hide the toolbar. The zoom level should be invariant. This would guarantee that when I revert the device orientation or I hide/show again the toolbar, the page view returns exactly to where it was. I think this behavior would be much less confusing.
  • I’m experiencing a very similar inconvenience as I accidentally tap on the screen with my palm very often when I’m making annotations.

    I like your suggestion and have also proposed an alternative solution where there’s an additional “deactivate full screen” button. It would be nice if the user could deactivate only through this button.

    I described in more detail in the comment section of this post: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/451605#Comment_451605
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