[iOS] PDF Reader improvement request

edited November 7, 2023
I’m mainly using iPad Pro 12.9 2021 (iPadOS 17.1), but they are reproducible in my iPhone with iOS 17.1.

1. When I select text in multiple rows in e.g. papers from elsevier/wiley/… , the copied text always includes the “\n” line break, and I have to manually merge the separated rows. It’s particularly annoying when you have to do the copy for several times.

2. its better if the search function 1) highlight all matched keywords in the document; 2) could stay pinned when I do other operations instead of disappearing every time I touch the screen; 3) allows me to check the searched results for more than twice. Search anything in iOS Zotero and keep select different text in the search result, and you’re easy to reproduce this issue. Combining 1) and 3) makes the searching process VERY, VERY, VERY tideous.

These are the very annoying and frustrating features I have encountered so far instantly I started to massively use the iOS Zotero. I hope they could be improved as soon as possible.

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