zotero finished sync (1 issue)

zotero 7.0.0-beta.45+64a78412c cannot synchronize tag data to iOS devices, and zotero ios app appear zotero finished sync (1 issue) when update.
  • Error: could not parse some data. Other will continue to sync.
  • How to install a specific version of zotero beta? I want to revert back to version before it updates automatically
  • You're thinking about syncing the wrong way. The version you have on one computer isn't relevant if data is correct in the online library.

    We need a Debug ID on the device where you're actually getting a sync error.
  • Web library is all right. iOS have errors. D1600129829
  • Can you please check if the issue still occurs with the new version 1.0.20 that just came out. If so, please do send a new debug log.
  • edited October 19, 2023
    with zotero 7.0.0-beta.46+c27bac2ad on macos, the color of tag does not appear on iOS devices
  • zotero7.0.0-beta.47+f012a348a on mac, use with ios version 1.0.22, everything is ok
  • but on ipados, error still apear. D1546317926.

    by the way, when I test sync on ipad, crash log is 1586235620
  • Getting the same error. Cant sync on iOS version 1.0.22. D1512716989
  • [ERROR] Zotero(+0000010): Parsing: PageIndexResponse missing key "value"
    This will be fixed in version 1.0.24 of the app. This could happen if you created annotations on an EPUB or snapshot in the Zotero 7 beta.
  • Can you tell me what "EPUB or snapshot" is? What are the characteristics of the filenames they are and I want to find them out and uncomment them.
  • You'll need to wait for a fix in the iOS app. We'll have a beta you can try soon.
  • @mengch can you check latest beta build (1.0.24 215)? This should be resolved for you.
  • (Build 215 isn't yet out, but it should be later today.)
  • thanks, I will check this if I have access.
  • I have tested the latest beta build (1.0.24 215), seem everything ok now. @dstillman @michalrentka thanks for all!
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