Zutilo in Zotero 7--Which of its functions are most essential?

edited October 24, 2023
While we all hope that Zutilo will be available in Zotero 7, it appears at risk. If the entire plugin cannot be made ready, I am hoping that at least the most essential functions can be available by some means. Can those of you who use Zutilo please respond to notify developers of which functions you consider most essential? Below are the v. 6 utilities, as a refresher. Please let me know if some are already handled by other means.

Zotero item menu
Copy tags
Remove tags
Paste tags
Relate items
Show attachments
Modify attachments
Modify attached URLs
Copy attachment paths
Copy creators
QuickCopy items
Copy select item links
Copy Zotero URIs
Create book section
Create book item
Copy child items
Relocate child items
Copy item fields
Paste into empty item field
Paste non-empty item field
Paste all item fields
Paste item type
Open Zotero URIs
QuickCopy items (alt 1)
QuickCopy items (alt 2)

Zotero collection menu
Copy select collection link
Copy Zotero URI
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