The SBL Handbook of Style 2nd edition

  • @dstark @haraldaa
    I've had a go at putting together a pull request for book reviews
    (I'm not very experienced with github, so just shout if I've got something wrong!)

    @dstark I could not reproduce your problem with quote marks, so take a look at this new code and see what you think
  • Thanks, @John Percival. I hadn't gotten back to this yet (obviously) and appreciate your taking a stab at it. It's definitely closer. I left comments on a couple things over on the github submission.
  • @haraldaa, the book reviews code has now been accepted, so should propagate through to your machine in the coming days.
  • Thank you, I will check the updated style and report back if there is something that does not work as expected.
  • edited October 6, 2023
    Back to the discussion from February and June 2019 @adamsmith and @canjecricketer, I am having problems with series titles being italicized when I also have an entry in the volume field.

    I don't understand any of the github stuff. Can anyone help me or fix the bug for everyone? @dstark

    Many thanks!
  • @frigidilius, yes, this is a bug in the style. I haven't taken the time yet to sort out how best to resolve it. But for now, you can add <i> and </i> in the series title field around the series title for that resource. Zotero will then un-italicize series title (for more, see here).
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