Bug? PDF is added and then deleted

Problem: If I - e.g. on springerlink - save an article to zotero, the fulltext pdf is saved to my (local) database. As I experienced today it looks like the files are saved but seconds later deleted. In the end I don't have the pdf which is annoying.

Any hints if this is a know issue or a prob with my computer (which I can except I think..)?

Thanks for your help!
  • I had the same problem with a springer link: zotero first seemed to save the file and then deleted it.
    When I checked the permissions of the site, I realised that Springer wouldn't allow my institution to download the article - i.e it wasn't in the subscribed collections. It might be related to that, but I am not sure.
  • If Zotero downloads the file and it doesn't turn out to be a PDF (but rather, say, an HTML login page due to lack of permissions), it deletes the file.
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    Ok, thanks a lot! I'm embarrassed as it's actually exactly as you say. The very PDF I am speaking of is a secured/limited item at my university and therefore zotero behaves as described.

    no bug, this thread can be either deleted or flagged solved.

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