Zotero 7 Desktop - No scrolling in PDF reader on touchscreen

Hi there,

I have been testing Zotero 7 these past weeks and it's really amazing. I'm really looking forward to use it daily.

While testing, I found a bug: It's impossible to scroll with my fingers nor use scrollbars on my touchscreen in PDF reader mode. Neither in wrapped mode, nor horizontal or vertical scrolling mode. It only allows to use the tools from the toolbar (highlight, draw, define a text box, and so on).

Noticed with Zotero 7 beta 36 and 38 for Windows 64-bit.
Hardware: Surface Go 3 Intel(R) Core(TM) RAM 8,00 GB 10 inches
OS : Windows 11 latest stable

I hope this helps. And thank you for your work on this so useful software!

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