Alternative reader on iPad

Is it possible to use another reader on iPad to read my Zotero DB rather than the Zotero app? I'm thinking mainly of Good Reader, which I have used for over 10 years and am very attached to. Thanks
  • Not if you want to use the Zotero iOS app, no.
  • @Whelekwet Why would you want GoodReader to access your Zotero database? Any PDF can easily be exported directly to GoodReader from Zotero.
  • @Erdoke I want to annotate my reading. Good Reader is better for that - for example, I can use my Apple Pencil. Also, the reader in the Zotero iOS app doesn't show annotations I have previously made - it shows me previous highlighting but not the text of comments I have made.

    If I can't access the Zotero db with Good Reader, I suppose I could export each doc I'm working on and then reimport them to Zotero. However, I can't see how to do that. The only way I found is from, but then it exports the PDF as a .TXT file which Good Reader can't open.

    Can you show me how to export a PDF to Good Reader, and reimport it to Zotero?

    Thanks if you can! That would be very helpful.
  • When in the PDF view in Zotero, the file can be exported via the iOS share extension. It’s called “Export” in Zotero: top right corner on my iPad, see screenshot here
    When in GoodReader, the share extension is in the bottom right as seen in this other screenshot:
    Send it back to Zotero (you can pick the right collection as usual), then drag and drop the PDF into the corresponding item within Zotero. You don’t even need to remove the original PDF from the item.
    I hope this helps.
    PS: As you can see, there is no good night view in GoodReader, so it’s not my favorite reading app. Editing functions are great though.
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