iOS app not syncing due to login error

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  • There’s no report due to the specific issue. What I recognized (on latest iOS beta and desktop betas) was that creating a new collection and moving a few dozens of (old, synced) items on desktop doesn’t populate the folder in the iOS app. I can provide screenshots from both platforms, but no report ID as there’s no formal error.
  • The last step asks for a debug ID for a specific operation at a specific Time. You can always provide this
  • It’s very weird, but refreshing the iOS app by pulling down the All Items list resulted in a Zotero login error (invalid username and password). I think I haven’t seen this for ages. Perhaps you can find something related to the collection sync issue as well. D832339389
  • That error is from your WebDAV provider, not from us.
  • (Also, @erdoke, are you the same person as above?)
  • A Zotero error message (bottom left) said that I should log out from the account to fix the problem. It in fact did. So it was not a WebDAV issue.
    (You mean the OP? No, I just thought that my issue was closely related and didn’t want to open a new thread.)
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    OK, no, please always start new threads for new issues — just responding in someone else's thread as if it's your own is incredibly confusing and unhelpful. I've moved this to a new thread.
    So it was not a WebDAV issue.
    When posting here, you should assume we know what we're talking about. You were getting a 403 Forbidden error from pCloud for an attachment upload, and that was preventing further data syncing. Logging out and back in would discard local changes and download your full online library, but that's just delaying the problem with your WebDAV provider.
  • OK, sorry for hijacking the thread.
    I still believe that the problem was similar. The logins issue was reported by Zotero iOS as a problem with my Zotero account. It was not related to any issues with the WebDAV server (which I do experience from time to time), so the 403 error is a separate one. There are no login issues when there’s a problem with the upload or a file, it just fails, sometimes with an API error report.
  • Also, the original problem I reported was that a newly created collection failed to populate on the iPad. The added 22 items only appeared after logging out and back in. This cannot be a WebDAV issue as basic item sync is done via Zotero servers as far as I understand. (Now I have all items and all files synced.)
  • As I said, the WebDAV error on an attachment upload was stopping the sync. Logging out and in discarded the attachment upload and pulled down all data.

    It's actually incorrect behavior for it to do that — a WebDAV error shouldn't interfere with data syncing — but I'm telling you what was happening.
  • Hey @erdoke, the issue should be fixed in the upcoming iOS/iPadOS release.
    If you want, you can try it before that, and provide any additional feedback, by using the public beta.
    Please check for instructions.
  • Thanks @mvasilak I will check it out. I've been on betas for ages, both iOS and Windows.
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