Word Plugin error report: 1125222197

In a simple blank document with four citations if you press the Edit Bibliography button and then select refences (list on the right ) you can see [1] for all the references. Then , when you press Accept button, you can see this result in bibliography :

[1] D.A. Kateros, G.M. Kapitsaki, N.D. Tselikas, y I.S. Venieris, “A Methodology for Model-Driven Web Application Composition,” Services Computing, 2008. SCC'08. IEEE International Conference on, 2008.
[1] V. Bollati, J.M. Vara, B. Vela, y E. Marcos, “Una revisión de herramientas MDA,” Actas de Talleres de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos, vol. 1, 2007, pág. 91.
[1] S. Mellor, MDA distilled : principles of model-driven architecture, Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2004.
[1] J.B. Warmer y A.G. Kleppe, The Object Constraint Language: Getting Your Models Ready for MDA, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2003.

All entries are now [1]. I can reproduce the same efect with more complex document without press Edit Bibliography button adding citations with no sort bibliography.

I can send you the word document if you need.

Same extra information:
Word version-> Word 2003 sp3 (Spanish)
Zotero version-> 1.0.9
Plugin version-> "1.0b3"

Thanks !
  • I was able to reproduce this with the IEEE style (Zotero 1.0.9, Word plugin 1.0b3). Whenever a citation is selected in the most-right column of the Edit Bibliography window, the numbering of that selected item is reset to 1 in the bibliography after pressing OK. Refreshing the bibliography does not fix the problem.
  • Hi, I found a quick work-around for this problem.

    Details here:

  • We'll look into this. In the meantime, the workaround would be to remove the bibliography from the document, restart Firefox, and regenerate the bibliography. If you need to make edits, save a copy of the document, either flatten all document fields using Ctrl-Shift-F9/Cmd-Shift-F9 or flatten just Zotero fields using the new Remove Field Codes option in the Zotero 2.0–compatible plugins, and edit the final document manually.
  • hi Dan,

    thanks for that.

    got a question: in my work-around I'm using I'm changing

    "1 bla bla"


    "6 bla bla"

    where there is a (space) in between 6 and bla.

    This isn't however the kind of space which makes its way into the bibliography normally, hence it doesn't look nice and flush.

    the "space" I'm trying to introduce is more sth like a "tab" or " ->".

    Any ideas what I'm talking about and how to introduce it ?

    tried copy & paste, which crashes openoffice...

  • I can advice one more workaround: remove citation number from the bibliography section of the citation style and use numbering in word instead. Then numbering will be completely independent of Zotero and hence will work fine, regardless of bibliography edits. This additionally gives more flexibility on the format and alignment of this numbers.

    However, the side effect is that more actions is required in the word software, which may not perfectly transfer e.g. from Word to OO. Moreover, some shift in the paragraph order of the bibliography may render the correspondence between in-text and bibliography numbers completely wrong.

    For the solution of this problem inside Zotero I suggest replacing [1] in the edit Window by something like [%N]. But I also think that editing bibliography is the last resort - as much as possible should be done inside citation style.
  • Have there been any more updates on this issue? I've run into the same problem - just by looking at citations in the "Edit Bibliography" menu, the numbering in the bibliography changes to 1's. I'm fine with the flattening solution but it's obviously not ideal and I'd love to know another way of dealing with this. Thx!
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