Word plugin problem: shortcut isn't working

Hi all!
I'm using Zotero 6.0.27 on Win10 with Word 2019.
I've tried to add a shortcut for inserting a citation as described there: https://www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_shortcuts

However, when pressing the hotkeys, word says something like 'you need a digital certificate to sing a Word document'. Is there a way to avoid this? Haven't found a way to get a digital certificate yet (I'm from Russia).
(Using the tab with Zotero plugin works just fine)
  • Your shortcut may be overlapping with Word's shortcut for digital signing of documents. You should try a different combination of keys.
  • Ok, I just nedeed to skroll down to 'macros' section and select it, when adding a hotkey. Sorry for the most dumb question ever :\
    Problem solved
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