Add Item(s) by Identifier not working, Zotero 7 Beta

I have tried adding items by DOI and ISBN, and each time get a "lookup Failed" error. "Zotero could not find a record for the specified identifier. Please verify the identifier and try again."

Report ID: 1507997094
  • I'm having the same problem.
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    @rgettys, @antiforce: We always need example ids that aren't working for you. A Debug ID for an attempt that fails would also be helpful.
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    --- sorry . . . put this is wrong thread as I'm still just using latest Release version

    I'm also having a surprising number of fails.
    It isn't throwing an error, but I feel like I haven't gotten something to work for a few weeks now,

    >> and today, it is something from 2017 , so I feel like that is a good example.
    Are we just using databases that are going stale and need to find some new apis?

    So here is the specific 2017 example.
    "Design Thinking for the Greater Good"
    ebook ISBN: 9780231545853

    << zotero == "not found"
    >> WorldCat == no problem ,
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