sync error

edited September 13, 2023
when I sync my attacment with webdav between my two pc, one of them can not open the new added PDF, and give the following answer when double click the item:
"Componet returned failure code: 0x90520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESSDENIED)[nslFile.remove]"

report ID: 221298370

[additional errors removed — D.S.]

appName => Zotero, version => 7.0.0-beta.38+b79e0b3d7, os => Windows 10.0 19045, locale => zh-CN, extensions => Ethereal Style (3.0.5, extension), Crush Reference (0.6.1, extension), Easier Citation (0.4.0, extension), Better BibTex for Zotero (6.7.114, extension), Jasminum (1.0.0-3, extension), PDF Figure (0.1.2, extension), Awesome GPT (0.3.1, extension), Zotero Better Notes (1.0.4, extension)
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