Keyboard shortcuts in v7

I noticed that in the latest v7, j/k no longer change pages on MacOS. Is this intentional?
  • @burgarth Yes, from now use Space or Shift + Space in PDF, EPUB and snapshot views.
  • @martynas_b thanks. Unfortunately, Space and Shift+Space don't give the same as j/k. When a PDF is zoomed in such that say only the top half of it is visible, then space will go to the lower half first, before going to the top half of the next page. That is very useful, but when quickly trying to go between pages, j/k was very useful. Arrow left/right has a more desired effect for me, but only when the width of the pdf is smaller than the screen (otherwise, it will scroll left-right). Would it be possible to revive j/k?
  • Right, so we'll add Option/Alt + Arrow keys for that, which will be more consistent with other PDF viewers.
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