Before Trying WebDAV

I currently have my Zotero storage folder in OneDrive with a symlink in the Zotero data directory (~60 GB).

Some of the new PDF annotation features in Zotero 7 are making me want to try synchronization attachments with WebDAV so that I can get to those attachments on my iPad as well.

But a couple questions I'm having trouble finding answers to are:

1) In order to enable WebDAV syncing in Zotero, do I need to take any special steps to allow Zotero to start using that protocol with all current attachments?

2) If for some reason I were to want to move away from WebDAV at some point in the future, how would I go back to a setup like I currently have? In particular, as far as I can tell, WebDAV attachments aren't human readable, even though they are Zotero readable. So, if I were using WebDAV, I'm unsure how to migrate back to a setup like the one I have (besides, perhaps, restoring from an older pre-WebDAV backup).

With the number and total size of attachments involved, I'd like to not do something that ends up mangling a transition. So, if anyone has guidance on these points, I'd be most grateful for that.

(I believe opting for the unlimited Zotero storage plan would make both of the questions above non-issues. But I can already access sufficient storage via WebDAV, so that's why I'm particularly exploring that first.)

Thanks so much!
  • Never mind. I realized I could create a new Zotero account and use that inside a separate profile to do a first-hand test. And I see that I'd misunderstood an important piece of the compression associated with WebDAV.

    The ZIP and PROP files are how Zotero storage items are stored on the WebDAV server itself. But when Zotero pulls items down from the WebDAV server, it decompresses the items. So, the local Zotero storage directory doesn't contain any ZIP or PROP files created as a result of the WebDAV interaction. Instead, all the items within the local Zotero storage directory are human-readable and accessible via the file system without needing to work through manually extracting the archives created during the WebDAV upload process.
  • Yes, there's no change to the local 'storage' folder whether using Zotero Storage, WebDAV, or nothing.
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