Zotero 7: Low resolution of ink annotations

edited August 26, 2023
This discussion was created from comments split from: Announcing the Zotero 7 Beta.
  • I tried the pen annotations on MacOS using an iPad with Apple Pencil as an external display with Pen Input. It works, but the pen resolution is very low (that is, the paths rendered only have very few points and look jagged), compared to other MacOS Apps with Pen Input, such as Goodnotes, and also compared to the iOS version. Perhaps this parameter could still be tweaked, and I'd be happy to help debugging.
  • Regarding what @burgarth said, i experienced the same problem on a Windows 11 Surface tablet. It almost seems like the pen is drawing numerous connected lines as opposed to discrete pixels. Also, was wondering if it's possible to have eraser functionality on the eraser side of pens?
  • We've improved the smoothness of ink annotations in the latest beta.
  • Neat, thanks. As far as I can see, the resolution of the pen is not increased, but instead at the end of each strokes the stroke is smoothed. This improved annotation a bit, but it is still far below the Apple Pencil experience with Zotero and also a bit sluggish. I suppose it would be hard to support the actual pen input rather than essentially drawing with the mouse pointer- with so many different pen tech out there? Also, while writing with the pen, the cursor becomes a cross. When one uses a mouse to draw that might be useful, but with a digital pen it is obstructing the writing, making it harder to be precise.
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