Announcing the Zotero 7 Beta

  • Is there a list of planned features per release for the beta? Does release this already include the new pdf.js?
  • @coelen: No list of planned features, but as I note in my post, features are added throughout Zotero's release cycle, so whether something will be in Z7 Final doesn't mean much. We'll release Zotero 7 as soon as we feel it's stable.

    Yes, the current beta includes a recent pdf.js build and fixes various problems with PDF rendering (e.g., black circles with some graphics cards).
  • Can anyone elaborate how you would run 6 and 7 in parallel? What are the implications for the database, data directory location and linked files, paths etc. if you switch between the two versions?
    Is there a resource about doing this in general somewhere?

  • Any possibility or plan to make Zotero capable of viewing/rendering saved webpage snapshot's html file (saved via SingleFile or SingleFile-Lite) in a tab alongside other tabs showing PDFs?
  • @dcsw2 on MacOs you just drag the beta to any folder (eg Downloads), rename to, and then drag that into Applications.
  • The improved PDF handling is very nice! Fast en smooth zooming, wrapped view is way faster! Great work.
  • for Windows on arm please!
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    great news. I am a regular user of zotero 6 and use only the zotero connect plugin in google chrome. If I want to try zotero 7 beta and for some reason, I want to go back to zotero 6. Can I go back to zotero 6 keeping annotations, pdf and notes made in each pdf document? And how can I make a backup on my windows 10 if I want to secure all those data in my library?

    I appreciate your willingness to help me.
    I loved the release of zotero 6, can't wait to see zotero 7 stable.
  • Hi faria33,
    I am keeping both Zotero7 and Zotero6 on my computer (I am on Mac), on windows it might be harder to use both in the same time, but when you need to go back you just can reinstall

    For a backup you just need to back-up your data in Zotero folder, there is some info
  • do you guys have plans to add an epub reader, like epub.js (or something prettier...)?

    that would be very useful
  • Given the announcement about the updated PDF reader, should this statement be amended?
    That said, Zotero 7 doesn't currently make any database upgrades, so you should be able to switch back and forth between Zotero 6 and 7 without problems.
  • Can I switch back and forth between Zotero 6 and 7 without problems using the latest beta version?
  • @johnmy per the link above

    > If you do upgrade [to the latest Zotero 7 beta version], be aware that once you create underline or text annotations, you won't be able to switch back to Zotero 6 with the same database (though you can delete your database and pull data down from your online library). Creating underline or text annotations won't affect other synced devices with Zotero 6 or earlier Zotero 7 builds — you just might get a warning that some data couldn't be downloaded.
  • Is there a corresponding beta for the iOS app we can look at?
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    Is there any tentative date for when Zotero 7 will be released to the public?
  • Will the official version of Zotero 7 be released this year?
  • Awesome! Can't wait for it!
  • Is it possible to download a ZIP version of Zotero 6?

    Once Zotero 7 releases, it might be useful to have a ZIP copy of Zotero 6 to bridge the gap with addons that might not be or might not become compatible with Zotero 7.

    Thanks so much!
  • you mean portable version that you can easily install along Zotero 6? You could already do that (install Zotero 6 and Zotero 7) on Liniux and MacOS, I dont know about Windows unfortunately, but you probably can install it to separate directory and use separate profiles
  • @danielborek, thanks—yes, I should have specified that I am asking specifically about Windows.

    What I'm looking for is a ZIP version of Zotero 6 that I could use alongside a fully installed version of Zotero 7.

    I'm only seeing the ZIP version available for download on the beta page and am having trouble finding a ZIP version for the current stable release.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  • @dstark: Yes, it's just the same URL scheme as the betas — "win32-zip" instead of "win32" — but as noted in the update in the original post, if you use some of the new annotation tools you won't be able to switch back to Zotero 6 with the same database.
  • Got it. Thank you so much, @dstillman. Yes, I was intending to have the ZIP version sync to a separate database with a separate profile.

    Thanks, again!
  • First of all, this is great news! I've been using Zotero for a number of years and I sing its praises to my students every semester. My question is about release timing. When I demo and recommend the software this fall semester, would you recommend I demo version 6 or 7?
  • can we expect to see zotero android along with the release of zotero 7?
  • Greets to evrbd,
    would smbd. please provide a hint where the Zotero-7 (beta) sources are located on GitHub ? I see branches 5..6 and a 'electron'-branch and was wondering if dev for Zotero-7 happens somewhere else ? I could not find a hint in the Wiki and obviously evrbd. else knows where to look - since i found nobody asking for it in the forums ?:)
    So pls. share some englightment, whats going on where it happens :)

    thx and greets Bosinski
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    @Bosinski: It's the main branch. Build instructions are here. Post to zotero-dev with any questions — we try to keep technical discussions there.
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