PythonExt/ Zotero MacWord Integration - not working


I am working on a mac with OS X 10.4.11, using Word 2004 (en Office), and Firefox 3.5.3. I have installed PythonExt and zotero macword integration 3.0a5.

As far as I could understand it is this version of pythonext that is not working properly because when I try to update my plugins this message appears: "An error occurred while trying to find updates for PythonExt". Furthermore, upon installation there is an initial error message regarding compatibility with Firefox, though it ends up installing the plugin without any further notices. With the help of the troubleshoot section I also realized that the respective zotero folder is never created in the "microsoft user data" folder even upon calling preferences on the macword plugin.

All assistance is welcomed.
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

  • What exactly is the initial error message upon install?
  • "not compatible with Firefox 3.5.3".
  • Yes, agreed, this is getting to be a farce! Every week I expect to do my course work and something about Zotero MAC or Windows 2008 plug-ins isn't working.

    Doesn't anyone test their work. This time last week it was all working, I have made no changes and now it is all F*cked!

    Update the organization of the website please, all the download information and locations are hidden all over the place.
  • ashforma: I already responded to a post of yours (in which you also complained about website organization) several weeks ago. You didn't respond. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble, but if you're not going to respond when people respond to you and you're just going to write messages like the one above without providing any details on the problem you're having (including exact error messages), you're just wasting everyone's time, including your own.

    chungadaddy: An error that says that PythonExt is "not compatible with Firefox 3.5.3" indicates a problem in your Firefox profile and may indicate that the plugin was not fully installed. Try Mozilla's corrupt extension files steps.

    If that fixes the Firefox compatibility error, check again to see if the Zotero folder was created in Microsoft User Data. If not, provide a Report ID after trying Reinstall Word Components.
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    ashforma, our last updates to both the Mac and Windows plug-ins were more than two weeks ago. If it was working this time last week and then stopped, I think you probably made a change to your configuration but didn't realize it. We'd be happy to help you troubleshoot if can tell us exactly what problem you're having.
  • I do understand your frustrations ashforma and telling you that it is an inherent risk to using a beta version will not really make you feel any better. I do hope that you will get things done and these guys seem to be really interested in all the feedback they can get to improve zotero. I do agree that the website might at times be tricky to navigate but still you get around (though the first times might hurt a bit on the schedule ;)).

    Thank you for all your feedback. I am away on a conference so I will not have the chance to test your suggestions. I will leave my feedback as soon as possible in the hopes that it might help some other users.

    All the best,
  • Dear Dan,

    It really did the trick (thought I still needed to install the Macword integration and re-install the pythonext). A new problem is that some of my other macros stopped working, but nothing too important to be franc. I will re-install these and if there's a conflict I will let you know. Also, the Zotero folder was not created in Microsoft User Data. Maybe the information on the web-page for troubleshooting might be wrong for mac or for word 2004. Either way, it is working now and I am thankful for your assistance.


  • Hi again. All looks good right now. No conflict whatsoever.

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