Zotero 7.0.0-beta.28+3a43a98f1 -- New issue: Language field casing problem

edited August 13, 2023
I imported this article using the import icon.


I tried to change the language from EN to en. The upper case letters didn't change to lower case after tabbing to another field or after moving to another record. Although this may not make much difference with Zotero implementing its style magic, casing of the language does make a difference in my exported record.

However, I am able to change the language field case from upprt to lower with this article:

  • How did you change the language field? Change it manually or use plugin?
  • Manually. The field imports as "EN" and I manually retype it to "en" but when I tab to another field or move to another record the field goes back to "EN".

    When I change the language field case with other journal article records the field saves properly with the case change.

    Is something wrong with my Mac? Lots of strange Zotero behavior lately but no problems with Firefox, Pixelmator, or my text editors. Curious.
  • edited August 14, 2023
    I can't reproduce that. Can you reproduce this after restarting Zotero? If so, can you provide a Debug ID for saving the item and trying to change the field?

    (I'm not sure how you're ending up with "EN" anyway, though. Saving from OUP doesn't save anything to the Language field, saving from PubMed saves "eng", and saving via the DOI saves "en".)
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