horizon-divided PDF could not be highlighted

I don't know why the horizon-splited pdf could not have the same editing or annotaed notes rights or authority as the original pdf in the zotero. Very inconvinient, need help and function improvement.
  • The split view is currently intended primarily for viewing references at the end of the document, but we'll be adding additional functionality to it in a future version.
  • Viewing and making notes to the reference are of much importance. Need your help to open its function operation. Thanks a lot!
  • @dstillman Would this function be available in Zotero 7?
  • Hope you are all well.

    A work around is:
    1- opening the source in the zotero pdf reader
    2-right click the tab to duplicate the tab of the pdf file
    3-right click to move the tab to new window
    This way enable user to view and edit two instances of the same pdf in zotero reader
    Hope this helps
    Of Course, having the ability to directly annotate both files in the split view would be great but even the current implementation is still very useful.
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