Zotero 7: Updates on Windows 10

I have noticed that in recent updates of Zotero 7, the "Help" -> "Check for Updates..." button did not find any update ("No Updates Found").
However, after closing and reopening Zotero, the update was automatically installed (after a Windows approval popup).
  • Yeah, I noticed that too. We'll see what we can do.

    (Testing here, it seems like the behavior in Zotero 6 was only marginally better: it would open the window and say "Downloading Zotero" / "Applying updates" but not do anything else until you restarted.)
  • The update process in Zotero 6 also had similar problems (needed manual restart to apply the update), but at least the "Check for Updates..." was able to give a notice when there was an update. In Zotero 7, I won't even know if there is an update until I restart Zotero.
  • edited July 3, 2023
    In case it's of interest to developers...

    updating from beta.15 to beta.16 on Windows, the "Check for Updates..." option has shown me the usual behavior as in Zotero 6: "downloading...", "restarting now or later", etc.
  • @warguelles: No, nothing has changed — it's just the difference between whether Zotero had downloaded the update before you opened Check for Updates.
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