Customising default preferences for the Zotero PDF viewer

I would like the PDF viewer to always open PDF files with the same view settings. Specifically, I always view PDF files with 'Odd Spreads' and 'Zoom to Page Height', and it is annoying to have to choose these settings every time I open a PDF. Is there any way I can customise the default view settings?
  • Same here. I'm missing this simple feature every time when opening a PDF document. I support the request for this feature (assuming that it doesn't exist - prove me wrong!).
  • I would really like to have this as well. I prefer to use "Zoom to Page Height" in almost all cases, so I'd like it to the be default.

    I would be happy to contribute this feature if the Zotero team are interested in having it.
  • @jryans: Thanks, but we have this implemented — just need to update it for Zotero 7. We'll try to get it in an upcoming beta.
  • @dstillman: Sorry for the bother, I don't see this in the changelog or in the beta app. Am I missing something? Thanks!
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