Zotero Beta 7 doesnt show update available

I am on 7.0.0-beta.7+7c902d40a, the latest is beta is Zotero-7.0.0-beta.8+77682cb45,
The in-app check for updates is showing no updates available
  • Thanks, I just noticed this thread
    I my case on mac I didn't get any pop-up saying that update happened, just the version number changed silently
    (I am on MacOS 13.4 with m1 processor)
  • edited June 2, 2023
    There's no pop-up that tells you an update happened. It just auto-upgrades you on restart, and you can see the updater briefly in the Dock. The same could happen in Zotero 6. The difference in Z7 is just that the Check for Updates window currently says "No Updates Found" instead of a stuck "Applying updates" if an update was already downloaded.
  • Ok, so maybe the Zotero 7 is so much faster so I am not able to see the updater, I remember with Zotero 6 when I was closing it/reopening there was applying updates

    Thanks for this fast responses to the feedback, Zotero 7 is overall much smoother, now I only waiting for plugin developers for catching-in :)
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