Zotero 7 Beta

edited June 1, 2023
I installed the new version. Receives an error message "couldn't communicate with Zotero" when trying to add a quote in a Word file and a reference to troubleshoot plugin.
  • Can you provide a Report ID?
  • 1182646841
  • [JavaScript Error: "Error: Could not remove C:\Users\Agate\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\Zotero.dotm" {file: "resource://zotero-winword-integration/installer.jsm" line: 190}]
    The updated Zotero.dotm file can't be installed into Word on your system, likely due to security software. You can figure out what's blocking that and reinstall from the Cite pane of the Zotero settings or you can follow the manual installation instructions.
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