[Bug Report Zotero] Numbered lists doesn't count from beginning

When i create a numbered list under different headings in same note, it doesn't start from 1. It starts from the number of other list's last number in different heading. Currently i just use bullet lists.

7.0.0-beta.7+7c902d40a (64-bit)
  • @documut
    Could you kindly describe how to reproduce this behavior?
  • Of course

    Reproduction steps:

    1-Create two text
    2-Mark them as headings
    3-Under each heading create 5 text items one below another
    4-Now select and mark the first heading's items as numbered list
    5-Now mark them as bulleted list
    6-Mark the second heading's items as numbered list
    7-You would see the second heading's items started from 6, not from 1. Even the first headings items are bulleted.
  • Reproduced. Thanks for the detailed steps.
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