Zotero refreshes citations too long

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I have a LibreOffice Writer odt file (~100 pages, 3Mb) with 300 bibliography items (=604 inline citations). It contains cross-citations, styles, toc, figures and tables with captions, ~1000 comments, etc.

I noticed that sometimes Zotero ended with errors after citation refresh.
In those cases I just refreshed again.
But I felt that it takes more and more time to refresh.

Recently I closed the document while Zotero was updating the citations...

Now it takes for ~30 min to open it (and ~30min to save it, even after a single symbol change).
Now I've noticed that whenever I open the file the comments are displayed with a lag.
When they are visible I can see that Undo button is active with at least 3 items about style formatting.
When I save the file (with these undo items) it gets a bit larger in 20-30Kb each time...

When I open Zotero itself I can see a normal list of bibliography items, and no errors appear.
Can the bibliography database still be "invisibly" corrupted?

My strategy is to copy-paste (paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, table by table, and so on) from this file to another but after some time both documents are crushed...

I found 1 in-line citation in a table caption and 2 citations in 1 figure caption.

it is said:
"4. Check for citations in image captions. Zotero won't let you insert them, but if you copied a citation to a caption that's most likely the source of the problem. Delete it."

But I feel it was not a problem as the citation was there for some time.

When I attempt to save the file it stacks and if I close the forcely I can see a window with the content:

[Window Title]

[Main Instruction]
LibreOffice is not responding

Hang on while Windows reports the problem to Microsoft...


In the file directory I can see lu76842yeg2.tmp empty file afterwards.

Zotero: 10: 6.0.20
LibreOffice Writer 7.5
OS: Windows 10
  • As you have already found the debugging instructions, you should indeed follow them. If nothing helps, you should follow the last step, trying to find the smallest portion of the text that still produces this behavior of incremental expansion. You can also make a copy of the file and unlink Zotero citations and see whether you still see this behavior. If you don't, it might not even be a Zotero bug, but a LibreOffice one.
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    I have the same problem, after one hour it still didn't finish, but it seems to have ended the bibliography at the end and I couldn't find any problem. I have more than one thousand citations, so I can't do this manually.

    How can I check where is the problem? I couldn't find any problem.

    PS: if i save the doc file, it becames once again as if it were changed, but i can't detect where.
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    @carvalhar: Please start a new thread, explain the exact problem you're experiencing and what you've tried, and provide a Report ID.
  • @carvalhar: I think we should just wait. As far as I understand, Zotero creates a temporary list of references which is being updated (when we see the green bar of the process). Also, when a new reference is added and appears somewhere at the beginning of bibliography then the list will be updated longer then a case of a reference appearing somewhere at the end of the list. Another point: the first reference list update is a way longer then the following updates. HTH
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