Error when trying to create manual parent item for document. Report ID: 1147512783

I am trying to manually edit the information fields for a pdf I saved to Zotero (saved as webpage but I am changing it to a book section) but when I click into the author field, it will allow me to edit the surname but then I cannot edit any other field. E.g. if I click on surname/ book title/place etc, the cursor just stays in author surname.

The first time it happened, I also received a warning that I had reached my storage quota but I have disabled syncing and restarted Zotero but I am still getting an error message and being told to restart Zotero.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • edited June 1, 2023
    Start by upgrading to the current version of Zotero. You're running a version from last August. You should also figure out why you haven't received any auto-updates since then.
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