citations out of order (not sorting by date or author)

Within my document, the citations are all mixed up. For example: Pelosi and Adamson 2016; Berman, Loeffler, and Schmidt 2020; Campana, Almeida 2019; Joyce and Thomson 2000; Dawson et al. 2018; Michell and McManus 2013; Doohan 2008)

Does anybody know how to get them consistent within the document (either alphabetically or by date) without having to go into each citation to fix it?
  • Is this Chicago Manual? The style currently just doesn't sort in-text citations (because the Manual basically says do what you want, including sorting semantically), so you'd have to manually adjust the citation style to automate ordering. Most other author-date styles have one or the implemented.
  • Yes. So I could fix it by changing the style?
  • It worked! Tx
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