URI scheme not working [Zotero 7 Beta]

`zotero://select/library/items/` is not working in 7 beta. It opens the app but does not select the item.
  • For me, it selects the item, but then the whole list refreshes and the selection is lost.
  • That might actually be the case for me too. It's just so fast that I could not tell it selected something.
  • One improvement is that Zotero now opens properly when using the url scheme and the app was not running before. So please keep that as you fix it ;)
  • Thanks - this will be fixed in the next beta.
  • @ptujec: Could you elaborate on what didn't work in previous versions?
  • Pretty sure they mean that in Zotero 6, if you clicked on a zotero://select link with Zotero not open, that would trigger Zotero to open but not select the item.
  • @AbeJellinek @adamsmith Yes. When Zotero 6 is not running clicking on the link triggers it to open but nothing works. It does not even load items for me. It's just the blank interface with no data.
  • New beta is out now.
  • edited May 26, 2023
    Great! Now zotero://select works better than with version 6.
    The only remaining issue is that it does not select the item the first time if the app was not running before. But the app loads just fine even in that case and select works ever time after that.
    Thank you for your hard work!
  • I noticed something weird as I tested my new LaunchBar action (https://github.com/Ptujec/LaunchBar/tree/master/Zotero-Actions).
    When I use "select URL" while Zotero is the frontmost app, it takes a while (a few seconds) before the selection happens. It takes a lot longer than when Zotero is not the frontmost app.

    This should be pretty easy to reproduce for a LaunchBar user (@dstillman).
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