Feature request for iOS: Right sidebar in reader with bibliographic information

I find that the right sidebar in sorely missed in the iOS app compared to desktop, especially due to not being able to view bibliographic information and add item tags.
  • @dstillman @adamsmith Any thoughts on this? I meant the right sidebar present inside the Zotero Reader, if that was unclear. Are you planning to add this or something equivalent to the iOS app, so that the metadata can be changed while reading an article?
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    You can bump posts, but please don't tag people. a) we can manage our own inboxes and b) I have never even seen the iOS app and in general have no role whatsoever in UI/UX (and don't work for Zotero)
  • Alright, noted.

    And sorry for tagging you, I thought you were here in some official capacity.
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